CNA Classes Online

CNA classes online is a great option for students wanting to become a certified nursing assistant. It allows you to enter the nursing profession at an entry level. Due to a major shortage of good skilled nursing assistant staff in hospitals, obtaining CNA certification will give you substantial job security and a rewarding career in a health care environment.

Many online CNA training programs take less than 6 months, and the duration of the course will depend on the state that you are in. Once your training is complete you will then need to take a CNA Certification exam. The final CNA Certification test cannot be completed online, however. The exam is split into two parts, testing will include the skills you have obtained in both a theory and practical section. It is important to remember that you must take the CNA exam in the state that you have done the training in. So if you are planning a move to another state, it is best to hold off your CNA classes until you have moved.

Whichever online CNA class you take, you need to ensure that the training program is accredited with the NLNA, which stands for the National League for Nursing Accredited Commission. It will also need to be accredited to the state that you reside in.

What is involved in the training ?

You will learn online the theory aspects regarding such tasks as : patient care documents, how to move patients properly, the measuring of vital signs & communication skills with patients, plus course work in anatomy and physiology. The online class curriculum will also teach you about infection control, the safety of patients, bed making, plus the basics of nursing procedure. The CNA classes online is a web based training course, whereby the classes and assignments are done completely through the internet.

As you will have to undertake practical work in order to pass your CNA Certification. Many good online programs can help you obtain voluntary work at a local hospital or a nursing home facility. As it is mandatory for you to obtain clinical training for you to pass the exam, these are a great option for you to gain the practical experience necessary.

An online CNA school will usually send you email addresses plus the contact details of the CNA class trainers for you to discuss any problems or questions that you may have about the course material. It is important for you to check that the online program you are considering makes it easy for you to contact the instructors by email, phone, or other means.

Some of the best classes online offer online videos with virtual lab classes, on subjects such as the measuring of a patients pulse, CPR, how to inject needles correctly and phlebotomy, which involves the collecting of blood samples. The online classes that have virtual lab videos are usually a little more expensive. They are well worth the extra cost in giving you a realistic visual aspect of the work involved.

The subsequent job roles upon becoming a CNA would include helping patients when they are eating, taking care of patient hygiene & bathing. As a certified CNA you could also be instructed by an experienced nurse or physician on taking vitals of each patient including checking pulse rate and taking blood pressure readings. You may also be instructed to administer medications.

The pros & cons of taking CNA classes online

On the plus side taking classes online is convenient for you if you are employed full-time and can only work on your new career in your spare time.

You may not be able to take a CNA class on campus because classes maybe far away from your residence, or at a time slot that is impossible for you to attend.

Or it could be that the cost is more than you can afford right now compared with the online classes that are a cheaper option.

Obtaining CNA training online is also an option for people who have gained certification beforehand but their license may have lapsed or expired. The classes online can be used as a great refresher course. The online option is also ideal for any caregivers who wish to learn how to care for loved ones that live at home.

The drawbacks are that a CNA course online will lack the live interaction that takes place with trainers, other students, and nursing professionals alike. Also, you will not obtain experience in a medical setting with regards to procedures, equipment used and patient interaction. This is why it is vital for you to take up any voluntary work in nursing homes, or hospitals that the online course may offer you.

It could also take you a lot longer to complete your training due to the coursework being completed at your own pace, rather than in a classroom setting.

Quality online CNA classes can be found at the Universities below :

- Independence University

- Kaplan University

- Mountain State University

- South University

- University of Phoenix

There are many more Universities that can offer you CNA training online. Check with the universities in your state to see if they provide online classes for you.

Taking CNA classes online is a great education choice for you to consider. It can reward both you in a successful career and also patients in need of your help when you become a certified nursing assistant.